Endurica CL is a software developed for elastomer fatigue and life analysis. Analyzes fatigue cracks and cracks occurring as a result of complex loading in rubber structures. The life time until the specified crack size is reached is calculated with the deformation characteristic resulting from repeated loading / unloading. The software also calculates the crack initiation plane, the loading history in this plane, and the thermal changes under dynamic load repetitions in relation to the damaged area.

  • The Endurica CL takes into account the following factors for rubber life calculation:
  • Major Deformations
  • Nonlinear Stress-Strain Behavior
  • The Mullin Effect
  • Nonlinear Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior (Threshold level, around crack effects)
  • Crack Progression with Time (Frequency Dependent, Ozone Effect)
  • Temperature Effect on Fatigue Properties
  • R-ratio Effect (Relaxed and Non-Relaxed Elongation History)
  • Multi-Axis Loading
  • Various Loading Amplitudes
  • Initial Crack Size
  • Self-Warming

Endurica DT

  • Unlike the results we have obtained with Endurica CL, it shows how much life time left for your rubber part with different loadings after these loads. It allows you to rank multiple loading conditions one after the other and calculate the residual life after all.
  • Endurica DT + FEA solver can obtain stiffness losses for each element in the finite element model of your rubber part by co-simulation. You can see fatigue life times with your displacement or force-controlled loads

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