• Adams / Machinery is an analysis software focused on machine elements. It allows the dynamic properties of the system to include the influence of machine elements.
  • Accessible from the Adams interface, it allows you to easily add standard machine elements onto your Adams models, allowing you to prepare more realistic models and obtain results.
  • It greatly shortens the model building time.
  • It reduces the prototype cost.
  • High accuracy simulation of mechanical parts is provided.
  • It makes it easy to read the results even for users with little technical knowledge with the results it automatically produces in the final process.


  • 3D Modeling of Gear, Belt, Chain
  • Extracting Load Information
  • Observing Backlash Effect
  • Investigation of Chain Vibrations
  • Detailed Bearing Modeling
  • Bearing Load and Life Calculation
  • Detailed Cable Modeling
  • Electric Motor Modeling

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