RoboSense Ground Truth Reference system provides high-accuracy, efficient, complete reference value obtained by processing high-performance sensor data with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and tools to evaluate the detection performance of the system in the testing phase. RS-Reference; It accelerates the development of AD and ADAS applications as a solution to high costs, low efficiencies, error-prone calibrations and lack of performance evaluation software.


RS-Reference Advantages:

  • High performance and advanced sensor system
  • Easy installation design that can be integrated without modification on the vehicle
  • Comprehensive tools that can perform sensor fusion and evaluate system performance
  • Point cloud perception software technology with over 10 years of experience


Ruby Plus LIDAR

Along with providing high resolution at long range, it provides lane detection up to 85 meters and is generally preferred in autonomous vehicles due to its ability to detect vehicles and people up to 200 meters.


  • 128 Beams
  • 0.1H X 0.1V High resolution
  • 240m range
  • 40° vertical FOV (-25°  +15°)
  • 2.304.000 pts/s (Balance mode)


Bpearl Blind Spot LIDAR

Unlike other LIDARs, it has a vertical viewing angle of 90° and has a field of view approximately 3 times wider than other LIDARs. Due to this feature and its range of 100 meters, it is a LIDAR designed to detect obstacles in the vicinity of the vehicle or any object in which it is used. It is preferred in autonomous vehicles, V2X and robotic solutions.       


  • It overcomes blind spots of Ruby LIDAR.
  • 32 Beams
  • Blind Spot<10cm
  • 100m Range
  • 90°V X 360°H FOV
  • 576.000 pts/s
  • 0.2°H X 2.81°V  High resolution

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