Germany-based IMC firm provides data acquisition system, sensor, telemetry and test system solutions. IMC products are used in many sectors including automotive, defense, aviation, rail systems, energy, white goods and construction.

IMC data collection systems are modular and you can increase the number of channels. It offers solutions suitable for both on-vehicle applications in the field and for use in laboratory conditions.

Sensor Types, Protocols, Hardware and Software Advantages You Can Work With

  • Strain gage (quarter, half and full bridge & 120/350 Ohm)
  • ICP / IEPE type Sensors (accelerometer, microphone)
  • Analog Sensors with voltage and current output (displacement, MEMS type accelerometer, pressure, loadcell etc.)
  • Thermocouple (K, J, T, E, L, N), RTD / PT100, fiber optic
  • High voltage and current
  • There are modules compatible with Frequency Output Sensors (rpm, flow rate etc.).
  • Compatible with CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, MVB, ARINC, XCPonE, J1587, CCP, J1939, UDS, OBD2 bus and protocols.
  • There are GPS, digital input, digital output and analog output solutions.
  • It offers solutions with 100 kHz sampling capability per channel.
  • It also offers the advantage of secure data collection thanks to its operating temperature range of -40 ° / + 85 ° C, vibration and shock resistance of MIL-STD-810F, IP67 protection class, UPS and internal recording options.
  • IMC Studio offers real time and post process analysis capabilities (FRF, FFT, RMS, 1/3-octave, A / B / C weighting, loudness, order tracking, rosette strain gage calculations, etc.) with Famos, Wave software.
  • IMC company produces package solutions for vehicle tests with sensor (wheel force transducer, steering effort sensor, optical speed and position measurement system & 6DOF IMU), telemetry and electric motor test system.

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