Zundar has rich experience in climatic simulation test equipment research and development, design, production capacity and project implementation. The business and product coverage are widely used in automotive industry, testing facility, defense, aerospace areas.

The company can provide,

Climatic Chamber

  • Standard Climatic Chamber (-70°C ~ +180°C)
  • ESS Series Speedy Climatic Chamber (15°C/min heating and cooling rate)
  • High Temperature Chamber (+10°C ~ +250°C)
  • Deep Cold Test Chamber (-100°C ~ +100°C)
  • Suspension Equipment

Rain Test Chamber 

Protection Classifications: IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX4K, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7, IPX8, IPX9K, JIS0203 S1, S2, R1, R2

Dust Test Chamber

Protection Classifications: IP5X, IP6X

Vacuum (Altitude) Chamber

Standard Chambers: 1mbar ~ 1000mbar, 10-1 Pa can be customized. 

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

  • 2-zone Chamber with Elevator (Cold Zone: -70°C ~ -10°C, Hot Zone: +20°C ~ +180°C)
  • 3-zone Chamber (Cold Zone: -70°C ~ -10°C, Hot Zone: +20°C ~ +180°C)

Salt Corrosion Chamber

Test Standard: GB / T2423.17, GJB150.11, DIN50021, DIN50017, DIN50014;

Solar Simulation Chamber

Irradiance: 400-1200 W / m2

Walk-in Air Climatic Chamber

Drive-in Air Climatic Chamber

Custom Chambers for Special Needs

ZUNDAR is able to offer cooperate cabin solutions with the following test systems:

  • Electro-dynamic Shaker
  • Road Simulation System
  • MAST
  • 4-Poster
  • Chassis Dyno
  • Engine Dyno

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