Providing a complete and integrated, next-generation simulation platform in electromechanical drive systems, Romax Technology enables design, simulation and testing of the entire drive train system without wasting time at the powertrain design stages with processes such as data transfers and reconstructing models with Romax Nexus.

Romax Concept

 The Concept, supported by Romax simulation capabilities, was designed in accordance with the early design phase. With its fast modeling feature and intuitive interface, Romax Concept allows efficient definition of transmission systems for different applications. In addition to allowing designs to be easily transferred to CAD and CAE platforms, it also allows collaboration with common files with Romax Nexus tools.

Romax Enduro

With its detailed structural analysis capability, Romax Enduro offers a reliable solution for durability simulation and optimization studies of power transmission units. It performs structural analysis of the whole transfer system as well as structural analysis on the part basis, and presents it to its users for examination with improved visuals. Romax Enduro provides the opportunity to run from outside (batch running) by making parametric studies for optimization studies.

Romax Spectrum

Romax Spectrum provides fast and accurate analysis in the frequency domain. Romax Spectrum, whose advanced techniques and capabilities are verified with real situations, can work integrated with the remaining CAE tools of the Romax ecosystem. NVH provides a suitable environment for its work, and incorporates the capabilities needed in terms of vibration and noise of transmission systems.

Romax Energy

Specialized in estimating efficiency for electromechanical transmission systems, Romax Energy helps its users to increase the energy efficiency of the system under optimum conditions. Providing power loss estimates to calculate load-dependent or load-independent losses, Romax Energy allows you to perform parametric studies to increase system efficiency by changing parameters.

Romax Spin

Offering advanced simulations for bearing designs, Romax Spin is the choice of bearing experts with its network with strong representatives of the bearing industry. Romax Spin, the choice of all six of the world's best bearing manufacturers, allows users to use, edit and custom design bearings from its rich library. Romax Spin provides an integrated environment for bearing design, selection, analysis and lifetime.

Romax Evolve

With Romax Evolve, an advanced electromechanical analysis tool for electrical machine designs, analysis and improvement studies can be performed while creating electronic designs. By digitizing the test processes of the entire machine design, structural and NVH performance can be considered in the early stages.

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