MSCOne is a complete collection of the most advanced simulation software. Now, designers and engineers can flexibly access all the CAE software they may need on a single licensing platform, thanks to our unique token system.

Give your organization the flexibility to allocate simulation resources to any team or site, giving you more agility to respond to engineering priorities.

From finite element analysis to dynamic simulation, from heat-flow (CFD) analysis to metal forming, from composite analysis to optimization, all mechanical analysis solutions sought in CAE departments are on a single platform ... Linear, Nonlinear analysis.

Vibration, acoustics, strength, shock, heat-flow, mechanism analysis, satellite analysis, and many more ...

You can reach the world's most powerful solvents, which are accepted as the standard of the defense, aerospace and automotive industry, at the same time.

MSCOne offers designers and engineers a smarter way to access a wide variety of world-class CAE simulation software from one flexible, subscription-based platform.

MSCOne XT goes further with extra tools and software from our trusted technology partners.

MSCOne now includes access to our e-learning platform so you can develop new skills and simulate more anytime, anywhere.


Who is MSCOne for?

  • Large-scale global businesses.
  • Small to medium sized companies with tight budgets and heavy engineering needs.
  • Consulting firms that cannot invest in multiple direct seat purchases.
  • Engineering project managers.
  • CAE engineering departments.
  • Vice President of Engineering.
  • Purchasing and procurement.

* Exceptions apply for some products. For more information, please contact BİAS.

All the simulation tools you need in one platform

The MSC One portfolio is constantly being developed and added.

If you want to see what is currently included in MSCOne SE, MSCOne or MSCOne XT, contact BIAS.

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