DEP Meshworks is an integrated FEA platform that includes both preprocessor and postprocessor steps. It is a highly capable finite element modeling software with advanced meshing, morphing, parameterization, optimization, and automatic processing.



It has a powerful tool that can quickly create an element mesh on complex CAD geometries and allow automatic / manual corrections on this mesh. It allows to do most of the operations in a short time with the help of automatic mesh functions.


The Modeling module in Meshworks allows the creation of FE (finite element) models of complex systems such as automotive, internal combustion engines, aircraft, ships. It includes automatic model assembly, model connection, material definitions, load and boundary condition assignment.

It has a wide connection tool that allows to perform operations such as spot welding, method welding, adhesive connection, bolt connection, contact definition that can be created automatically in model connections.

Post Processing

It is a tool used to view analysis results. It is a post processor that allows you to import and view results from a variety of solvers into the Meshworks interface. It has features such as simulation on the model, showing the results depending on a certain scale, examining the results by taking a cross section, and drawing the results depending on the variables.

CAE Morphing

Created FE models can be quickly adapted (morphing) according to new geometric properties, and the revised model can be transmitted directly to the design department as converted CAD data.


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Can parametric the finite element model using the element mesh. Dimensions, geometric shapes, sections, spot welding spacing, butt weld spacing, glue length, hole, flag, curtain number can be changed easily by making them parametric.

CAD Morphing

It is a module that allows the reshaping of CAD data such as body structures, powertrains, chassis parts

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Design Enablers

Design Enablers allows some typical design solutions to be automatically added to the model.

These typical design solutions; It can be Beads, Darts, Bulk-heads, Reinforcements, Holes and slots, extension pieces, sheet and solid ribs, Tailor Welded & Rolled blank - TWB / TRB.

These solutions are easily and automatically added to the finite element model without geometry.

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