CAE Systems (Acoustic Camera)

Acoustic Camera

With the acoustic camera, the source of various squeaking and rattling sounds can be detected, and sound leaks in insulation applications can be examined in real time. This system, which works with the beamforming technique, consists of a microphone group called the “microphone array” that determines the position of sound sources and where the signals are simultaneously collected and processed. It's not just the location of each sound source; the noise level is also determined and displayed on the screen with a color scale.

Acoustic and Versatile Structure

  • Systems with a unique modular structure offer all the solutions required by different applications in the best way.
  • Common software, data collection and analysis platform for different systems
  • Different microphone strings can be connected to a single system.
  • Far-field and near-field analysis at the same time with a single acoustic camera
  • Fast and practical resource detection with Smart Vision software
  • Detailed resource detection with Noise Inspector Software

Bionic Microphone Directories

  • The new generation Bionic microphone arrays consist of 112 microphones integrated into the system.
  • Optimized array shapes and microphone arrays for very precise source detection and high dynamic range
  • Integrated HD digital camera
  • Integrated data collection without the need for an external system
  • 7 microphone index arms that can be easily removed and installed in 1 minute
  • Easy assembly and disassembly and assembly
  • Use with an external battery
  • Make it sturdy and durable

Smart Vision Software

  • Smart Vision Software is a software that runs on the tablet integrated into the system and enables real-time and rapid detection of noise sources. Thanks to its easy use, it helps you solve your noise problems quickly.
  • Real-time noise analysis
  • Ability to record images up to 100 fps
  • 60 optical images per second
  • Save video and optical images synchronously
  • Fast replay and review of data
  • Usage on Tablets, Laptops and PCs

CLICK HERE for a sample engine noise source detection video

CLICK HERE for a sample vehicle leak detection

Noise Inspector Software

  • Noise Inspector software is the standard software used in detecting noise sources. It is possible to obtain detailed results with the wide analysis capability of the software.
  • Real-time and post-process analysis
  • Recording of video and audio files
  • Resource parsing with "Local Sound" feature
  • Export in word, image, video and many formats
  • Very detailed software algorithms


  • Special HD algorithms in Noise Inspector software allow you to perform the most detailed and precise analysis available on the market. With this type of advanced algorithms, it is possible to perform studies such as separating very close noise sources, very high resolution source detection and analysis in rotating elements.
  • Standard, Eigenvalue Optimized Beamforming
  • Capon, DAMAS, MUSIC (Optimal low frequency)
  • CleanSC (High resolution)
  • Rotating Beamforming (fan and turbine blades)
  • SONAH (near field acoustic holography)
  • Order Analysis (order based resource detection)
  • User specific algorithms


CAE Acoustic Camera systems are optimized to get the most accurate results with high performance.

Some possible applications:

  • Vehicle Acoustics
  • Vehicle interior measurements (interior)
  • In-vehicle leak detection
  • Squeak & rattle noises detection
  • Exterior measurements (exterior)
  • Passby Noise analysis
  • Building Acoustics, leak detection
  • Wind Tunnel, aeroacoustic noise analysis
  • Wind Turbine, blade and gear analysis
  • Fan noise analysis
  • Quality Control, by EOL test

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