Actran Acoustics

Actran Acoustics as a CAE tool enables the decoding of large acoustic models. It provides fast and reliable solutions for acoustic propagation problems with the elements and material models in its library.

Actran VibroAcoustics

With Actran VibroAcoustics software, acoustic environment - structure interaction can be solved together. It offers a comprehensive solution for sectors such as automotive and aerospace with its different material models.

Actran AeroAcoustics

Actran AeroAcoustics is used to analyze flow-borne noise. The program maps the aero acoustic noise sources to the acoustic environment by processing the flow analysis results from commercial CFD programs.

Actran SNGR

It is an Actran module that calculates flow-induced noise with continuous flow analysis using quasi-experimental turbulence models.

Actran for Trimmed Body

It is used to calculate the structural - acoustic and acoustic - acoustic transfer functions by adding all trim and layered glasses to the body-in-white (BIW) models that have already been modal analyzed.

Actran SEA

Statistical Energy Analysis is an efficient method in the medium - high frequency region for vibration - acoustic studies in large structures. Actran's approach to SEA is the "Virtual SEA" method that combines analytical and experimental SEA. In this method, the connection matrices between the determined subsystems are determined by using the finite element modal analysis results of the structure and acoustic environments.


Actran TM is a software used in turbomachinery noise estimation. Noise propagation can be calculated by including non-uniform flow, reflection and convection effects, under-flow properties of acoustic damping applications with the Myers boundary condition. The acoustic drive can be taken from CFD analysis or defined analytically in ActranTM.

Actran DGM

It is an Actran module that solves linearized Euler equations using the discontinuous Galerkin method to model the propagation of sound in acoustic environments with a complex flow field.

Actran VI

It is a user-friendly pre-post processor that is used for all Actran modules, specialized for acoustic analysis.

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