PICLS is a thermal simulation tool that helps designers perform thermal simulation of PCBs easily and simultaneously.

Even if you are not familiar with thermal simulation, the simulation result can be obtained easily thanks to the easy and fast operation of the software in 2 dimensions.

The data of a PCB created in PICLS can be exported to scSTREAM and HeatDesigner.

Useful applications of PICLS:

  • Examine and troubleshoot thermal problems of existing products
  • Examination of thermal interactions of part layouts
  • Examining heat dissipation changes depending on cable model (coverage rate)
  • Examine the layout of thermal routes (eg location, number)
  • Examine the performance of the heat sink
  • Inspect PCB size
  • Examine the number of layers and thickness of copper foil
  • Examination of heat dissipation performances by connecting to the enclosure

External File Interface

IDF 3.0 and Gerber data can be transferred.

Considering The Simple Housing

By connecting it to the enclosure, the heat dissipation can be examined.


It can allocate and display parts such as plate fins and heat spreading plates.

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