MB Dynamics Modal Shaker Systems

MB Dynamics is the world leader in modal shakers with years of experience. MB Dynamics guarantees high quality modal testing with high quality and innovative components used in its manufacture, together with various shaker models that can give force between 9N-2000N.

MB Dynamics' calibration systems and shakers can be supplied as a whole or as a calibration system or as individual system components. MB Dynamics has a good infrastructure for high quality electrodynamic calibration shakers. MB calibration systems include the CAL 50, a popular shaker for general purpose use, and a variety of air bed shakers offering many more good performance.

MB Dynamics calibration systems and shakers typically support higher-volume accelerometer calibrations, sensor manufacturing quality assurance tests, and in-lab R&D instrumentation verifications

MB Dynamics Squeak & Rattle Test Solutions

Annoying noise problems are a major problem for many manufacturers. Squeak & Rattle test systems support you in the detection, analysis and elimination of clicking, squeaking noises, from the development stage to the final control in production. These noise sources, which are often difficult to detect, can be easily detected and prevented by the test systems and special shakers in MB Dynamics' Squeak & Rattle Test family. It is ensured that the test is passed with maximum efficiency with special shakers working very quietly.

BİAS Lateral Modal Shaker Stand

BİAS Lateral Modal Shaker Stand is a functional tool designed for accurate positioning of the shaker in modal test applications.  It is easy to adjust the shaker to the desired position with the carrier on the horizontal arm and the lever on the main structure. Lateral Modal Shaker Stand provides more reliable results with reduced measurement errors.


  • Rigid sigma profile structure
  • 700mm maximum vertical movement
  • 500mm maximum horizontal movement
  • Easy-to-move structure with wheels
  • 70 kg carrying capacity
  • Piano-wire support
  • Shaker connector set
  • Reduction lever

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