CAEfatigue is a solver that can calculate fatigue by using stress and strain results in time and frequency domains.


  • Fatigue analysis of large models can be done easily and quickly.
  • Resistance spot welding (spot weld) and seam weld (seam weld) fatigue analysis can be performed.
  • It has specialized tools for converting time data into the frequency plane.
  • Advanced response and collision detection analysis
  • Surrogate (surrogate) analysis

CAEfatigue is used in fatigue calculation and random response analysis of dynamic systems. It can perform vibration-induced fatigue analysis under drives such as Sine-on-Random, Sine sweep.

CAEfatigue can calculate vibration induced fatigue of the structure under different loading scenarios. Using modal participation factors and linear superposition methods in case of multi-axis loading, it calculates the stresses in the structure in the time or frequency plane, and performs fatigue analysis quickly and reliably.

CAEfatigue, Fatigue Calculation in the Frequency Plane

  • It can work with different FE solvers.
  • It can work with large models.
  • There is no limit to the number of drives acting on the structure and calculates the cross-correlation functions between channels.
  • Different loading (sine sweep, sine-on-random PSD, sine) can be defined at the same time.
  • Advanced stress models can be used (Complex von-Mises, Complex Principal etc).
  • Fatigue analysis can be done according to SN and EN methods. It takes into account the average stress effect with different methods.
  • It uses fast solution algorithms.

Why should fatigue calculation in the frequency plane be preferred over the time plane?

  • Faster, less RAM requirement and fewer file formation
  • Fewer analysis models run
  • Suitable for both static and dynamic systems
  • More accurate solution for models where the drive frequency is close to the natural frequency of the structure
  • Because it is fast, it is more suitable for optimization studies.

CFG - CAEfatigue GUI

It is easy to use, can be used by creating workflows, or it can be run with a text file.

Possibility to prepare fatigue analysis model with the help of step-by-step wizard.

It is possible to access 10s of sample models and 100s of hours of visual training documents via GUI.

Time Plane Fatigue Analysis (CFT)


Although CAEfatigue is often used in the frequency domain, it also has a very powerful resolver in the time domain.

Using the stress and strain data obtained from the measured data in the time domain, life can be calculated. At the same time, fatigue can be calculated in modal coordinates, using modal participation factors in the time plane.

Welding Fatigue (CFJ)

With CAEfatigue, fatigue analysis can be made for resistance spot welding and seam welds in the frequency plane. Thus, the automotive industry can now analyze weld fatigue in all vehicle models.

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