Business Ethics Rules


 The purpose of our Code of Ethics; To put forward the principles that will make their implementation permanent. Our values encompass the vision with a set of principles that bring us to where we are today and define the point we want to reach in the future. In this context, we believe in maintaining our culture of honesty, integrity and doing the right thing. We believe that the ways and methods we follow while doing our job are as important as the work we do. Working with integrity and high standards of business ethics is the absolute method of doing business of BİAS and it is of great importance to adopt some principles to adopt this method.

These principles are:

  • Acting professionally,
  • Doing business honestly and in accordance with the law
  • To protect the reputation of our customers along with our own reputation
  • Respecting people and the environment
  • Acting with social responsibility awareness
  • Working together and paying attention to the way we work
  • To respect the rights of our employees, to provide them with a good and safe working environment To ensure the best use and development of our employees' talents, to create a participatory work environment that gives everyone equal opportunities in developing their talents and skills.
  • To encourage employees to contribute to the planning and management of works
  • Making decisions regarding employees based on employee qualifications, performance, skills and experience
  • Considering the ethical dimensions of our activities
  • Never tolerate any form of corruption, including bribery.

Business Ethics Rules; Employee employment contract is complementary to documents that can be adapted to assist the implementation of the principles contained in the Code of Conduct, such as the Human Resources Handbook and other BİAS policies and procedures, and should be read with them. The Company may make changes in Business Ethics from time to time to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulations. All employees, managers, representatives and representatives are responsible for learning and raising awareness of the updates on the Code of Business Ethics.