Aeroprobe is the leading manufacturer of air data and flow measurement systems for the aerospace, automotive, turbo machinery, wind turbine and wind tunnel testing industries around the world. We have been a trusted partner for designers, engineers, researchers and pilots since 1994. Our product range includes air data probes, data analysis software, Micro Air Data Computers (uADCs) and a Micro Purification System (uPS).

Aeroprobe offers complete systems including calibrated probes, data acquisition hardware (DAQ) and software for data management and analysis.

We can provide complete data acquisition hardware and software or integrate our instrumentation into your existing system.

Aeroprobe offers comprehensive system solutions for a wide variety of demanding and unique measurement problems. We can provide mounting hardware and motorized sleeper systems designed to your specifications. We can also provide on-site commissioning and training support. Our team of experts will work with you to provide custom designs to meet your needs.

Our traditional systems are most commonly used in the automotive, aerospace and turbo machinery industries (such as aviation engines, air handling units, oil and gas and electricity generation).

Traditional Systems consist of the following components:

Multi Hole Probe

Our conventional multi-hole probes measure flow velocity and direction with high accuracy. All our probes are made of stainless steel or Inconel for high strength or high temperature applications.

Multi-hole probes are available in a variety of geometries: Straight, Cobra, Bored Elbow, Eccentric Ferrule and L-shaped.

If you don't see the probe you want, our engineers can design a custom probe for your specific application and flow measurement needs.


Our 12 hole Omniprops are designed to accept a wide flow angle where high rotating flow is expected. These types of flow fields are common in the automotive industry, where flow physics around wheels are of interest.


Calibrations define the relationship between measured probe port pressures and air velocity and flow direction. The probe is placed in a known flow field and rotated up to 9000 separate calibration points for each calibration Mach number. Our calibration wind tunnels are fully characterized free jets configured to allow continuous flow from 5 m / s up to supersonic speeds.


AeroFlow is Aeroprobe's leading multi-hole probe data reduction software. The software uses multi-hole probe aerodynamic calibrations to convert the measured pressures into a three-dimensional flow vector and total and static pressures. AeroFlow is a Windows based program that is compatible with all calibrated 3, 5, 7 and 12 hole Aeroprobe probes. Independent graphical user interface simplifies project data file management and drawing features.

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