Our Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Management; BİAS is one of the most important strategic processes required to achieve corporate goals / critical success factors.

Our Human Resources policies serve two important purposes. The first is to encourage individuals to take the initiative and take ownership of their work and the results of what they do, and the second is to encourage teamwork and develop the individual and make them more successful.

Thanks to these goals, we can focus better on the goals and people, and highlight the role of people's added value in the success of the business.

By using the understanding and systems of modern human resources management, we can create absolute value in carrying BİAS to its long-term strategic goals. As long as we stick to the following activities and practices and apply them as a norm of our business life, we can create change that will achieve success in our business life.

Personnel Selection And Recruitment

We realize the personnel selection of BİAS by determining the current positions and using different resources in line with the vision, mission, target and corporate culture. We make our selection among professionals who will fully meet the values of the institution and the competencies of the business and make a difference with their performances, using modern techniques. While evaluating people in line with the requirements of the job, on the other hand, we make the most effective guidance by determining their profiles in terms of their behavioral tendencies.

Our goal is to keep our employees with high performance and potential within us and to make BİAS a preferred institution for highly qualified young people and professionals.

Training And Development

BİAS believes that the responsibility for education and development lies primarily with the individual. BİAS and BİAS Managers also prepare the environment and opportunities for their staff in line with this trend, support and guide them. The basic principle in training and development activities is to help employees add knowledge, skills and competence to their business goals and personal development by supporting them to do the right job and to be the best in what they do.

The training needs of our personnel are determined in January every year, and accordingly, they are ensured to improve themselves with in-house external trainings. Every employee is expected to improve himself and others and to guide them. We always take it as our duty to share and disseminate our knowledge and experience in teamwork. Individuals are given opportunities such as taking part in special projects, and authorizing jobs where they can use their capacity. It is essential for us that the employees feel the responsibility of the job, develop their professional and personal competencies and make a visible difference in business results.

Compensation Management

Unless otherwise stated, the wages of BİAS members are in January every year; It is determined by taking into account the inflation rate, personal performance and market values. In addition, in addition to our personnel, their seniority and higher graduation such as master / doctorate above their graduation are provided in the determined rates.

Ensuring work-wage balances, differentiating compensation according to authority / responsibility and performance, rewarding performance difference, considering talent and potential, and achieving fairness constitute the principles of BİAS in wage management.

Confidentiality of the fees is essential at the BİAS. BİAS employees are expected to pay attention to this issue that only concerns their private lives.

Career Management

Management review meetings are held regularly every year. One of the purposes of these meetings is to evaluate in the most effective way our employees at all levels, who constantly achieve and exceed their goals, prepare themselves for responsibilities above for their current position, aspire to challenging tasks without requesting, and who make a visible difference with their behavior and personal quality.

We accept all BİAS members who work and prove their high performance and potential and work in key positions as the human capital of the company. In line with these meetings, we determine and implement in which direction they can advance in their future careers, what training and development practices will be required for this. In doing so, we evaluate the company's main goals, the current and possible future structure of the organization, its performance, potential and the compatibility of competency profiles.