Measurements Group, under the Vishay group, is the world's largest company in the field of strain gauge, photostress, experimental stress measurement devices, force sensors.

General Purpose Strain Gags

Today, new techniques are developing day by day in the technological field, and within this framework, major developments have been made mainly in measurement systems. In the measurement of the weight, the point of movement was the effect of the weight on the object to which it was applied. Of weight acting as a force; The strain used to find the effect on the system are peaks.

Transducer Class Strain Gags

If you are going to make your own transducer, be sure to take a look at the Measurements Group gages. You will surely find a gage type that will work for you.

Model P3 Voltage Measuring and Recorder

It is a 4-channel, practical, battery operated device that can directly read data from the LCD screen, record data into it, make quarter, half and full bridges with 120, 350 and 1000 ohm bridges, and can perform automatic zero adjustment and calibration.

System 8000

Each module has 8 channels and you can increase it modularly up to 128 channels. In addition, all channels are universal and you can collect data from strain gage (120, 350, 1000 Ohm), thermocouple and voltage output sensors. You can view your data in real time via StrainSmart software.

System 9000

With quarter, half and full bridge strain gage applications of 120, 350 and 1000 Ohms, you can collect data from thermocouple and voltage output sensors. You can have a low noise level and work at high speeds.

Residual Stress Meter

You can detect the residual stress on the surface of the material thanks to the special strain gage and measuring device working with the hole drilling method.

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