Met-Flow products provide the opportunity to measure the velocity profile up to 3 axes in fluids without contact with the Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling technique. Each sensor measures in one axis and allows measurement in 3 axes by easily adding sensors. It is possible to be added to ready-made systems from outside as it works contactlessly, it does not require calibration.

It is used in marine, wave flow, tsunami investigation, artificial heart design, beverage production, oil processing and transportation, irrigation systems, dam designs and many more. It enables flow profiles of various fluids such as salt water, muddy water, cocoa butter, liquid mercury, liquid aluminum, shampoo, cement and oil in these areas.

Thanks to its easy use, small structure and simple assembly, it is a much more advantageous product compared to other flow measurement systems. One of the biggest advantages for users is that it can be used without any change in the existing systems.

BİAS Products

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