scSTREAM is a practical and advanced CFD software that can perform thermo-fluid analysis using structured mesh.

With its network structure and analysis system that enables large-scale calculations, scSTREAM enables users to perform comprehensive simulations in a wide range from the thermal problems of electronic devices to wind load on the building.

Scstream Features

Large-Scale Calculatıon

With the use of a structured network, even a complex model hardly needs to be modified or simplified.

Also, the shape or scale of the model does not affect the networking difficulty. Even an urban environment with large structures can be analyzed.


With parameters such as radiation, reflection, conduction, and refraction, the radiation-induced heat transfer can be calculated.

VF (View Factor) or FLUX method can be used when calculating radiation problems.

In addition, the heat emitted by the infrared heaters can be calculated using the lamp function.

Solar Radiation (Ashrae, Nedo)

Climate data broadcast by ASHRAE and NEDO are preset in scSTREAM and can be used for condition setting.

By arbitrarily entering the values of longitude, latitude, date and time, the sun height and the azimuth angle of the sun at a particular location and time are automatically calculated.

In this way, the effect of solar radiation can be examined in detail.

Moisture / Raw Condensation

ScStream can analyze the humidity in the air. By entering the humidity and temperature values in the environment according to the hours during the day, the relative humidity formed on the piece can be analyzed.

Depending on the temperature change, the amount of evaporation formed on a wall can be obtained.

Particle Tracking

ScStream can simulate the behavior that occurs depending on the properties of the particles (diameter, density and sedimentation rate) and the action / reaction between particles and a liquid.

Moving Objects

The flow produced by a moving rigid object can be calculated.

Properties such as the movement of any object (rotation and elastic deformation) and the resulting heat generation / absorption can be calculated.

Free Surface

ScStream can calculate the shape of the interface between a gas and a liquid. While doing this calculation, MARS or VOF method can be used. This function is useful in a wide variety of areas:

  • Civil engineering
  • Tsunami analysis in the construction area
  • Soldering analysis in the field of electronic devices


In the postprocessor, simulation results calculated in the solver can be visualized.

For example, it is very important in product design reviews as you can control the temperature distribution in places that cannot be measured or observed in real products.

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