Vibration Research (VR) is the global market leader manufacturing controllers for electrodynamic and servohydraulic shakers. In addition, it produces portable data acquisition and analyzers.

Vibration Research has been a leader and innovator in the field of vibration control since 1995. Its success is based on reliable, user-friendly software packages for vibration control. It makes a difference in the controller industry with its infrastructure with functionalities such as Field Data Replication, Fatigue Damage Spectrum, Kurtosion® and Instant Degrees of Freedom.

defense market in Turkey, and is preferred by the leading aerospace companies in the automotive sector. VR9500 series with Medallion II series products and Turkey are presented to the market.

High performance, functionality, flexible and also flexible and also can offer cost effective solutions.

Software Options

  • Sine
  • Random
  • Shock
  • Sine Resonance Track & Dwell
  • Sine on Random (SoR)
  • Random on Random (RoR)
  • Sine on Sine (SoS)
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
  • Transient Capture
  • Eartquake (Earthquake)
  • Transient Waveforms Control
  • RecordView
  • Analyzer
  • Field Data Replication (FDR)
  • Accelerometer Calibration
  • Dual Axis with Phase Control (Phase Control Two Axis Vibration)
  • Multi-Loop / Four-Post Control
  • Digital Remote I / O (Connection Interface with External Components such as Air Conditioning Cabinet)
  • Automated Calibration (Module to Calibrate the Controller itself)

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