The Undarbable Number 1 In Mechanical System Simulation!

ADAMS is simulation software for mechanical systems. With ADAMS, the dynamic behavior of the systems is analyzed, how the forces and loads are distributed within the system, the vibration behavior of the systems is analyzed and the performance of the systems is increased by optimizing the mechanisms.

Virtual test prototypes of mechanical systems are modeled in a computer environment with Adams and tested under real-life operating conditions. Adams; examines the real physics of the system by solving kinematic / motion, static, quasi-static and dynamic equations. With these features, it is superior to the motion capabilities of CAD programs.

By integrating mechanical parts with pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic and control systems and enabling these systems to interact with each other, it is possible to model a complete system in a virtual environment. Modules such as Adams / Car, Adams / Flex, Adams / Durability, Adams / Vibration, Adams / Control are available.Capabilities

  • Extensive library of joints and constraints
  • Define motion by force, acceleration, velocity, torque, displacement
  • Flexible body dynamics, control system, joint friction and slip
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder identification
  • Parametric modeling and model optimization
  • Vibration and resistance calculations
  • Fast iteration and results with DOE
  • Force / load output to Nastran
  • 2D and 3D contact problems (between flexible or rigid structures)
  • Comprehensive linear and nonlinear results for complex motion systems
  • Parallel processing


Sectors Used

  • Automotive
  • Space and Aviation
  • Defense
  • Machinery Manufacturers
  • Household appliances
  • Nuclear energy

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