It is a specialized module for vehicle design and analysis. It has been developed to automate standardized steps in the design and development processes of vehicles.

The vehicle is created as subsystems (suspension, steering, wheel, etc.) that can recognize each other and can be combined. These subsystems can be examined independently or by creating the entire vehicle model. Since the parts of the subsystems are created parametrically, it offers the opportunity to analyze different topologies in a very short time.

In addition, ADAMS / Car automatically applies standard vehicle tests (lane change, acceleration, etc.) to the model. It makes it easy to create a new test case or test system as needed.


  • VPG (Virtual Proving Ground) scope allows you to perform various Proving Ground tests (IDIADA, Horiba Mira) in a virtual environment.
  • Thanks to the VTD (Virtual Test Drive) module, real life scenarios (Traffic, Traffic Application, pedestrian, etc.) can be transferred to Adams / Car environment and control autonomous instruments.
  • Extensive template and subsystem library
  • Comprehensive analysis / virtual test library
  • Body analysis
  • Template and subsystem library of heavy vehicles
  • Modeling of the drivetrain in detail
  • Wheel and track library
  • Road modeling in desired physical properties
  • HIL simulation (integration with ESP, ABS etc. control models)

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