Digimat material modeling platform helps to make the most effective and effective design for plastic injection materials and parts.

Digimat for Plastic Materials

Today, one of the biggest difficulties in composite and plastic part design is the transfer of the material properties of the structure to the structural analysis and the analysis can be done more accurately. In order for this to be possible, material behavior as a result of the injection process must be accurately transferred to the analysis models.

Modeling Software for Predictive Design of Plastic Materials:

With the Digimat software, which has been achieved as a result of decades of experience in reinforced plastics and working closely with manufacturers, the gap between manufacturing and the virtual world has been minimized. The effects of the manufacturing process are now included in the analysis models.

Reinforced Plastic Analysis Benefits

  • High precision
  • Usage with different solutions (linear, nonlinear, explicit)
  • Integrated solution with different disciplines (interface with main FE solvers)
  • Reinforced plastic material library (Solvay / Rhodia, Sabic, Dupont, Ticona, Evonik, EMS)