Tesis DYNA4 is a simulation software that provides efficient studies with simulation models in the development processes of electronic control units and components.

Open and Flexible Simulation Software

  • Seamless integration of simulation models into DYNA4 for smooth model, data and result management
  • The real-time model library of the TESIS DYNA4 software can be expanded and adapted as desired
  • Interfaces for infrastructure facilities: test automation, MBS tools, version control systems
  • Wide application areas thanks to the open model concept
  • Ability to work on computers and all real-time platforms

It is highly functional for your simulations

  • Efficient project organization for traceable and repeatable results
  • Versioned / versioned model management to track changes
  • Automatic simulations to compare large numbers of changes
  • Automatic report generation and interactive / interactive result display
  • Descriptive 3D animations

Teamwork Functions for High Efficiency

  • High flexibility for professionals, working with different user groups and ease of use
  • Large-scale teamwork with version-controlled, central Model Repository
  • Different changes can be easily monitored with comparison functions
  • Easy exchange of simulation models between different departments thanks to the Central Model Pool

Adaptation and Engineering

  • DYNA4 customization for your processes: custom GUI, views and reports
  • Simulation model support: model integration, adaptations, data preprocessing
  • Development of customized simulation models and tools
  • DYNA4 connection to your work environment
  • Parametric modeling for various vehicle controllers
  • Configuration and commissioning of HIL systems

Applications in the Development Process

  • Model-based design and function development
  • Testing and pre-calibration in SIL and HIL environments
  • Fail-safe and functional tests, including driving evaluation and
  • Simulation with physical or virtual component test rig: engine, suspension, steering, tires and dampers
  • Fast parameter studies and optimization of vehicle components: drivetrain, steering system and axle suspension
  • Fundamental analysis, various fields of study of single or interconnected vehicle controllers or components

Advanced Engine Development and Energy Management

  • Fuel efficiency simulation for hybrid, electric or conventional vehicles
  • Analysis and optimization of operating strategies for fuel efficiency and driving performance
  • Function development
  • Prediction functions based on routing data
  • Energy and thermal management: voltage stability for electrical systems, battery or inverter temperature control

Engine Design and Control

  • Evaluation of conceptual design for gasoline, diesel and various fuels
  • Calibration of controllers and function development
  • HIL tests: engine controllers with cylinder pressure sensors
  • Car engine, high speed motor sports, heavy duty or marine engines
  • Improving vehicle dynamics and drivetrain
  • Standard maneuvering tests with virtual prototype

Optimization of Vehicle Dynamic Performance

  • Active safety systems: ESP / ESC
  • Steering system: design and testing of the electric power steering or active steering system
  • Driving comfort: air suspension, active damper control
  • Drive systems; state-of-the-art 4WD configurations or active torque differentials with active reliability control
  • Anti-roll protection, roll control, sky hook control, load adjustment
  • Driving simulators

Commercial Vehicles

  • Stability studies in critical driving situations; overturn protection, anti skid
  • Reliability analysis of commercial vehicles used in bad road conditions; striped gutters and patches on different road surfaces
  • Initial calibration of control devices on cyclic hardware simulators
  • Vehicle dynamics control unit development and cyclic rig tests for trailers and trucks
  • Integration tests in laboratory tools
  • ECU approval for commercial vehicles

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