GPS-adapted RT inertial navigation systems measure the coordinate information, speed, angular velocity and acceleration of the vehicle where the device is located.

Sectors Used

  • Automotive / vehicle dynamics
  • Aviation

RT Features

  • High-precision speed, motion and position data thanks to three accelerometers and three gyros (angular velocity sensors)
  • Best resolution thanks to the cooperation of the inertial navigation system and GPS
  • Single or double antenna
  • Models with 100Hz or 250Hz sampling rate
  • Ability to receive data via RS232 serial port, ethernet and CAN bus
  • Easy to install and use
  • Self correction
  • Differential verification from satellite
  • Lower costs
  • Functional computer interface
  • RT-View program for viewing data
  • Outputs have a very low latency of 2.5ms

RT-Base Base Station

  • Portable GPS base station for differential correction (DGPS)
  • Battery providing over 10 hours of operation
  • Radio modem
  • GPS antenna, 15m cable and tripod
  • Radio modem antenna, 5m cable and magnetic bed

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