BİAS Mühendislik is the only authorized distributor of Hexagon MI - MSC Software in Turkey. We are pleased to sponsor race teams, student projects and communities with the following engineering software.

Licenses can only be used for educational and research purposes and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

CLICK for detailed information about MSC Software.

You may find some the software below:

MSC Apex: Finite Element Analysis Modelling Platform

MSC Nastran: Finite Element Analysis Solutions

Cradle CFD: Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Software

MSC Adams: Mechanical System Simulations Software

Adams Car: Vehicle Dynamic Analysis Software

Digimat: Calculated Composite Material Modeling Platform

E-learning: Online Education Platform Where Software Can Be Learned


How Do We Benefit?

We aim to make the most efficient use of sponsorship with the software and training support we provide. In addition to this, we answer your questions that may arise while using the software within the scope of technical support. Thus, by learning how to use MSC Software, you can provide maximum benefit to yourself and your community. Also, do not forget that having knowledge about related software adds serious advantages to you when you start your professional business life.


What Do We Expect from You for Sponsorship?

  • Making applications with advisors
  • Use of Hexagon and BİAS Mühendislik logos on the vehicle and marketing materials in race participation
  • Information about the work have been done periodically during the sponsorship period
  • Announcing the sponsorship on social media account periodically and sharing these announcements with BİAS Mühendislik during the sponsorship period.
  • Reporting the work done before the end of the sponsorship and sharing it with BİAS Mühendislik


If you are interested in the software and training sponsorship we provide, please send your sponsorship request to

University Teams We Sponsor