CAERI manufactures test machines and facilities that can be used for vehicle development and approval according to automotive standards or special requests / designs for complete vehicles and components used in these vehicles, which the automotive industry needs, and provides testing services.

In this context, with its 27 years of experience, it has served more than 300 different enterprises and organizations within the factory and test centers and has established long-term relationships.

In addition, for different customers and their needs, test standards can be customized according to special requests, and the relevant components can be specially designed depending on the boundary conditions.

  • Road Freight Simulator
  • Chassis Dyno
  • Passive Safety Test system
  • Tilting Test System (Center of Mass Measurement)
  • EV Powertrain Test System
  • Clutch Test System
  • Transmission Gear Box Test System
  • Drive Axle Test system
  • Rack and pinion steering gear Test system
  • Steering Column Test System
  • Ball Joint Test System
  • Recirculating ball steering gear Test system
  • Brake Dyno
  • Brake Fatigue Test System
  • Brake components Test system

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