Suggestion & Complaint

Receiving and Evaluating Suggestions and Complaints

All BİAS employees are authorized to receive suggestions and complaints from customers. Customers can convey their complaints and suggestions to all Bias staff over the phone, as well as at on our website. Suggestions and complaints received are filled in the Customer Suggestion and Complaint Form by the Bias staff, and the complaints and suggestions sent to the e-mail address are immediately forwarded to the Quality Management via e-mail. Quality Department said, “We started to work on your complaint. We will notify you of the result ”to the relevant person or institution within one business day at the latest. Afterwards, it subjects the complaints and suggestions to a preliminary assessment and examines their reasons, collects similar suggestions or complaints experienced in the past and the actions taken in return, enables them to obtain information about the situation by meeting with the relevant department managers. All these information prepared regarding the suggestions and complaints are kept ready for the Suggestion and Complaints Committee to gather and review. After the complaint and suggestion, the board is required to convene within a maximum of 2 working days to evaluate the situation and reach a conclusion. In cases where the Board cannot convene, the evaluation of the department managers is accepted in line with the verbal or written approval they receive from the management. Regardless of whether they are accepted or not, the Quality Department informs the relevant person or organization verbally or in writing, according to the result of the evaluation.

In case the customer makes a complaint or suggestion regarding an ongoing job, project or purchase, if it is decided to take action after the evaluation, the action is taken and the result is shared with the customer and approval is taken if necessary. In addition, in the complaint processes where the customer is right, the root cause of the complaint is examined and corrective action work is initiated when deemed necessary. The resolution of the complaint is followed up with corrective action.