VI-Grade offers innovative solutions to facilitate the development process from concept to final product in the transportation industry, especially in automotive, aerospace, motorcycle, motor sports and railways. Adams Car offers its solutions to customers using its interface.


Using VI-Aircraft, an engineering team can quickly create a complete, parameterized model of a new aircraft that easily identifies landing gear layout, wheel arrangement, energy absorption, and other vital characteristics. Engineers to determine the model's balance, loads and passenger comfort; Can run kinematic, static and dynamic simulations. Test measurements can be analyzed immediately and test equipment can be changed quickly.


VI Rail is specialized software for train dynamics. Works through MSC Adams. It allows to make parametric modeling very quickly with the help of train and railroad elements in its library. Bogie calculations, stability analysis, preload analysis, linear analysis and test equipment allow for flawlessly realistic designs and developing designs.


  • In the automotive sector, it has specialized modules especially for autonomous vehicles and virtual environment tests.
  • Desktop, NVH, Compact, Static Simulator
  • DiM Dynamic Simulator
  • VI-DriveSim
  • VI-CarRealTime
  • VI-MotionCueing
  • VI-Driver
  • VI-Road
  • VI-GraphSim
  • VI-MotorSport
  • VI-Automotive
  • VI-MxMount
  • FEV Virtual Dynamic

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