Dytran (Vibration and Force Sensors)

Dytran continues to produce accelerometers, force-pressure sensors, impact hammers and these accessories with the knowledge of more than 30 years of experience and advanced technology.

Capacitive Type Accelerometers

  • They are DC frequency responsive accelerometers used to measure low frequency, homogeneous and static acceleration.
  • 0-5000 Hz frequency range
  • 2-50000g measurement amplitude
  • Crash test
  • Airbag test
  • Drop test
  • Inclination measurement
  • Robotic applications
  • Used in seismic applications.

Piezo Accelerometers

They are very small and very light accelerometers that can be used easily in applications where small size is important.

General Purpose Accelerometers

They are a wide variety of accelerometers with 1 or 3 axes, connectors, self-wired, isolated base, stick-on or screw connection.

High Temperature Accelerometers

They are charging type accelerometers that can withstand up to 600 ° F, which can be used in high temperature conditions such as turbine engines.

Shock Type Accelerometers

They are accelerometers that can withstand high shocks up to 75000g and have a TEDS option.

Industrial Type Accelerometers

They are accelerometers that can measure high frequency, are leak-proof and at the same time durable.

Air Tip Accelerometers

They are accelerometers that comply with military and aviation standards, can be used in aircraft, are water resistant and can be used at high frequency.

Seat Type Accelerometer

They are plug-in 3-axis accelerometers according to ISO8041 standards.

Impact Hammer (Impact Hammers)

Script specific sensors for modal testing, resonance detection and structure state tests.

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