When the composite material, weight / performs are examined, information will be obtained about the living in the country. Solutions for the strength analysis of composite structures for your needs.

DIGIMAT for Composite Material Analysis

While composite materials provide weight gain to engineers, they also bring some difficulties. As the material properties are limited to the microstructure, which is greatly affected by material processing and processing sizes, superior performance can be adjusted. For this reason, it should be considered in production analysis.

Modeling Software for Design of Composite Materials:

Predictive simulations are the key to the application of composite materials as well as proposal design. Also, the transition from metal to composite material, so that special tools for composite design can be used to calculate some composite behavior. These behaviors may show very large shoes depending on production. Conventional design tools cannot accurately describe native composite material behavior, possibly posing risk and leading to a lack of confidence in the design.

Digimat Modeling Software for Composite Material:

With Digimat it is possible to create detailed material models and define locally. For a more precise material definition, the strength of the material is determined more accurately and the design can be optimized accordingly. Digimat helps to bridge the gap between production and analysis by taking production processes into account.