With the Data Collection and Recording Unit (VeKa), which can be easily retrofitted to any vehicle, it provides the collection of road, vehicle and driver behavior data needed in the development of smart city and traffic applications, their interpretation with edge calculation techniques, the transmission of meaningful data to the cloud and their analysis. It also provides Advanced Driving Support System applications that increase traffic safety, such as forward collision and lane departure warnings.

Developing industry-specific solutions with the collection and analysis of real road and driving data for the development of connected, autonomous and electric vehicle software.

  • Automating road maintenance operational processes with instant detection of road defects such as potholes and roughness
  • Fleet Management and Driver Scoring
  • Electric Vehicle Range Estimation and Route Optimization
  • Hazardous Area Mapping Service
  • Data Collection for Sensor Comparison, Road Surface Measurement, Scenario Creation, Problem Identification
  • Infrastructure Scan to Determine that ADAS Feature Readiness
  • Preparation of Driver and Vehicle Based Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Developing ADAS Features and Providing Warnings Such as Lane Departure and Forward Collision
  • Creating Digital Twins by Simulating Vehicle and Road Scenarios
  • Anonymize Data (Blurred faces and license plates)
  • Tests to Validate ADAS Features with Sensor Fusion and Edge Scenarios in Simulation and Real Conditions

  • Traffic Sign Detection
  • Vehicle Detection 
  • Human and Animal Detection
  • Road Defects Detection
  • Vehicle Distance Detection
  • ADAS Warnings

Traffic data can be collected as a point cloud, anonymously, annotated, and datasets can be created to learn more about real-time traffic situations at critical location in the city.