Digital Image Correlation

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a 3-dimensional, full-area and non-contact optical measurement technique that can make contour, deformation, vibration and strain measurements on almost all materials. This technique can be used in static and dynamic test applications where tensile, torsion (torsion), bending and mixed loads are applied. The method can give results in a wide range from very small test areas at micro level to large test areas, and the measurement results coincide with the results obtained with finite element applications and strain gauges.


  • 3D, full-area displacement and strain measurement on real-time image
  • Ensuring that the data can be evaluated and displayed by different equipment by taking the results as real-time analog voltage output.
  • To be able to measure the surface of the part in 360 degrees (front, back and side surfaces) simultaneously with multi-camera support
  • Supporting a wide range of areas from less than 1 square millimeter in size to areas up to several square meters wide
  • Fast and automatic calibration method
  • Precision and quality values can be observed at the end of the measurement
  • Presentation of all data within a certain confidence interval (error approximation)
  • Access to all data in open code format
  • Synchronous recording of analog data
  • Expanded export and import (to finite element analysis programs for comparison or to Excel files to create tables)
  • Ability to define different (user defined) coordinate system
  • Measuring up to 1,000,000 frames / second through high-speed cameras


For more detailed information, please click on the links below the explanations and you will be directed to the relevant page on Dantec Dynamics website.

Contour, Deformation and Strain Measurement

Q-400 - DIC Standard 3D

Standard DIC system used for 3D strain, displacement and strain measurements

Q-480 - DIC Handheld (Handheld DIC)

DIC system developed for large area measurements, working with the principle of "point and pull", practical, used for displacement and strain measurements

Q-400 - µDIC (micro DIC)

DIC system developed for microscopic thermal expansion and warpage measurements

Q-400 - DIC TCT

DIC system used for thermal expansion, strain and warpage measurements

Q-450 - DIC High-Speed (High Speed DIC)

DIC system measuring with high speed cameras for vibration measurement

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