Thermal Simulation Software

It is a thermal simulation solution used in many successful space programs such as Sinda Astra, ERS 1-2, Gomos, Mars Express, Silex, Soho. Unlike standard finite element solvers, Sinda performs the solution of thermal analysis through the conductor-capacitor network and analyzes even large models and complex thermal scenarios with a solution speed that is not possible in standard solutions. It can work with many pre-processors and thermal load vehicles such as Patran, SindaRad, MSC Thermica.

With Sinda

  • Various thermal loads can be easily selected from the ready-made thermal loads.
  • Multiple radiation enclosure solutions can be realized.
  • The effects of sun rays on aircraft, automobiles and solar power plants can be modeled directly.
  • Ablation solutions can be obtained.
  • Any complex thermal scenario and thermal controller can be modeled.

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