COPRA is Roll Forming and Design software. Cold rolled parts are one of the important elements used in many industrial applications. Almost unlimited number of different forms, high production efficiency and increased strength due to plastic forming; It can be shown as the main advantages of rolling. Conversely, high spool cost and residual stresses after forming on the part are the main disadvantages of the rolling process. COPRA enables easy and professional design of all kinds of parts from the simplest to the most complex.

COPRA Modules

  • Each module has been specially developed for a different industrial application.
  • Module M1: COPRA Open and closed profile
  • Module M2: COPRA Trapezoidal sections
  • Module M3: COPRA Pipe mill design
  • Module M4: COPRA Shaped pipes
  • Module M5: COPRA Pull-rings - 2D part
  • Module M10: COPRA Wire rolling

COPRA Extensions

COPRA Plugins have been developed for special applications and require at least one of the modules listed below.

  • Addendum H1: COPRA Rolling Mill design functionality
  • Add-on H2: COPRA Sculpting technology (Step 1 of Simulation)
  • Addendum H3: COPRA Flower Technology
  • Addendum H4: COPRA Rolling Technology
  • Add-on H6: COPRA DBMS Database system - professional
  • Add-on H7: COPRA DBMS Database system - standard
  • Attachment H8: COPRA Spread Sheet - Easy spreadsheet
  • Attachment H9: COPRA Trellis shaping

COPRA Rolling Mill Scanner

COPRA FEA RF - Finite Element Analysis

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