Dongling Shock Test Systems

Founded in 1995, DONGLING Technologies is a top supplier of environmental and reliability testing solutions. Relying on extraordinary quality & innovation, DONGLING has created its reputation as a leading supplier in the global market. The product portfolio covers Vibration test system, Shock / bump test system, Constant Acceleration Centrifuge, Drop Test System, Swing / transportation simulation test system, Measuring Instruments and 3rd party testing services.

DONGLING Technologies is the State Engineering Technology research institute for dynamic environmental test, strategically partner of national manned space flight projects, and the innovation practice base for post-doctors. In 2008 DONGLING Technologies finished its new industry park which covers 35,000 square meters with the building area 20,400 square meters. Till now we have more than 350 employees, 1/3 of which are researchers.
he hydraulic lifting vertical shock tester is used to simulate the shock applied on the product in the actual environment, to assess the function reliability and the integrity of the structure of the product in the shock environment. This equipment is used for the conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, square wave, and shock response spectrum function etc. impact tests.