DTS Mini Data Logger

Since 1990 DTS has been a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems and sensors for occupant safety testing and product testing in automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, blast and in-dummy applications. DTS specializes in advanced measurement solutions that require high-speed, miniature, rugged DAS and sensors for critical tests in extreme environments.
  • World's smallest complete DAS solution
  • Microprocessor, excitation, signal conditioning
  • Add power, a PC and start collecting data
  • Two models: SLICE NANO and SLICE MICRO
  • (Same platform, two different sizes)
  • Integrates into current family of test dummies
  • In-Dummy DAS Chart
  • High Performance
  • MIL-STD-810E for temp, altitude, shock & vibration
  • Maximum Sampling Rate Chart
  • High shock rated
  • Record for milliseconds to hours; stored in 16GB flash
  • Expandable
  • 3-channel units, up to 24 channels per stack
  • Daisy-chain stacks for large channel counts
  • Supports a variety of sensors, including: bridge, IEPE, MEMS, strain, load, voltage, temperature
  • Software that's fast and easy
  • Amplifiers and filters auto-configure
  • Real-time, logging, viewing and exporting