AB Dynamics


Driving Robot Systems

ABD driving robots have established themselves as the global reference for objective vehicle testing on the track. Our products are relied upon by almost every major vehicle manufacturer, together with tier one suppliers and other test organizations around the world. We provide the means to perform your tests efficiently, accurately and repeatably, giving the highest-quality objective data about your vehicle.

ABD robots are essential tools for the development of vehicle dynamics, steering and braking systems, the testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), as well as applications such as misuse and durability testing.

Using robots to do your testing can dramatically reduce the time needed to do the tests - every run will be a good one.
The core products ranges are:
• Steering robots
• Pedal robots (for brake, accelerator and clutch)

Driverless Testing

The Driverless Test System (DTS) builds upon the proven technology used in ABD's range of driving robots to allow accurate and high-speed test driving with no human driver in the vehicle.

Driverless testing is used by ABD customers around the world to perform tests where there is a risk of injury to a human test driver. Applications include aggressive vehicle dynamics testing, ADAS development, vehicle misuse testing and durability.

Kinematics & Compliance

The Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine
The Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM) from Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd is a Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) test machine that is driven entirely by electro-mechanical actuators.

It is used to accurately establish the kinematic characteristics of a vehicles suspension and steering system geometries, and the compliance characteristics of the suspension springs, anti-roll bars, elastomeric bushes and component deformations. Knowledge of these characteristics is an essential aid for suspension engineers wishing to establish a thorough understanding of the vehicles performance in terms of ride, impact isolation, steering and handling.
Steering Wheel Effort Measuring System

Steering torque, angle and angular speed measurement
Torque: 200Nm