Cradle, MSC's family of CFD Software products, offers competent solutions for heat flow analysis. It offers many advantages such as; especially moving mesh applications (discontinuous mesh) and parametric operation, optimization, high speed automatic meshing, the ability to import almost any kind of CAD data format, modifying & cleaning and CAD data, and couplings and/or integrations with MSC's other CAE products. The MSC Cradle CFD family includes computational heat flow analysis software such as scFLOW, SC / Tetra, and scSTREAM.


  • CFD analysis of all kinds of internal and external flow
  • Fan noise simulations
  • Multiphase flows
  • Propeller cavitation analysis
  • Moving mesh applications
  • In-cab CFD analysis (geometry wrapper)
  • Electronic circuit heating and cooling configuration analysis
  • Thermal circuit temperature analysis

Featured sample usage areas:

  • Analysis of HVAC systems
  • Heat spreader and heatsink analysis
  • Cooling fan integration
  • Turbomachine-Pump analysis
  • Aero dynamic noise / Air flow noise calculation
  • Ship body optimisations / analysis - Analysis for propeller designs
  • Process industry (Analysis for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Oil-Gas, Energy)
  • DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) Analysis
  • Outdoor wind analysis
  • Interior ventilation analysis
  • Underground ventilation analysis
  • Gas diffusion
  • Heat exchanger analysis
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