Core Competencies

Innovative measurement technology – applied internationally

Worldwide, our measurement channels and data loggers are in continuous operation and provide dependable data acquisition for drivetrain, engine cooling, HVAC and more. Under harsh climatic conditions and long-term tests. That's why many well-known car manufacturers rely on technology and services of IPETRONIK.

Innovative measurement technology

  • Temperature
  • Current and voltage
  • Strain gage
  • Pressure
  • Voltage and current on HV drive systems
  • Frequencies and RPM
  • Logging
  • Diagnostic
  • Data loggers and accessories


  • DAQ systems for drivetrain
  • Development of thermal management
  • Summer and winter field testing
  • Climatic wind tunnel testing
  • Fleet management
  • HV measurements
  • Structural durability
  • Brake and chassis development
  • Electrical system development