TestSens Sound Tube-LF/HF

Sound Transmission Loss and Sound Absorption Coefficient Measurement Systems

TestSens Sound Tube-LF/HF performs compliant with ASTM E-2611, ASTM E-1050, ISO 10534-2 standards, enabling users to measure and calculate acoustic impedance, absorption coefficient, sound transmission loss and many more acoustical performance quantities. Product family consists of three different sized tubes with diameters of 29mm, 50mm and 100mm, offering a frequency range of 50-6400 Hz.


System Specifications:

  • ASTM-E 2611, 4-pole transfer matrix method
  • ASTM-E 1050 and ISO 10534-2, transfer function method
  • 50 – 6400 Hz measurement frequency range
  • Class 1, high-sensitivity and phase-matched microphones
  • Class 1 sound calibrator
  • Sound source and power amplifier with high linearity
  • 4-input, 1-output dynamic signal analyzer with 102.4 kHz simultaneous sampling
  • Precisely manufactured measurement tubes and hardware


  • Sound absorption coefficient, and sound transmission loss calculations
  • Phase calibration for eliminating errors caused by microphones and/or geometry
  • Amplitude calibration for microphones sensitivities
  • Selectable frequency resolution and average number
  • Data recording in ASCII or MS Excel format