As a true technology partner, you may have very well just met your match!
Rugged. Sophisticated. 100% reliable – Each of these adjectives has been used by IPETRONIK customers to describe our field-proven vehicle mobile measurement technologies.
IPETRONIK measurement channels and data loggers are employed worldwide within some of the most extreme, extended use environments, with technologies that offer unique capabilities for the effective measurement of drivetrain, engine cooling, in-vehicle climate control, HVAC systems and other challenging applications.
Nearly all of the world’s automotive manufacturers trust in the proven performance of IPETRONIK mobile measurement technologies, software, and accessories. Whether your application calls for high-performance data logging within desert or arctic environments, or simply a busy test laboratory environment – count on us to find a solution for even the most complex of measurement challenges.

We measure:

  • Temperature
  • Current and voltage
  • Expansion measuring strips / strain gage
  • Pressure
  • Voltage and current on HV drive systems
  • Frequencies and rotational speeds
  • Logging and diagnostic data

We offer:

  • Data acquisition systems,
  • Thermodynamics,
  • As well as many other applications
  • For the unique testing requirements of vehicle drivetrains, thermodynamic systems, and countless other applications.

Mobile data acquisition

IPETRONIK supports on-road and off-road vehicle mobile data acquisition, even in open terrain, as well as railway, light rapid transit (LRT), marine vessel, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), snowmobile, and stationary test bench requirements. In the past, we were market innovators in the effective implementation of CAN-linked measuring modules.

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